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Top Vintage Wines to Try in 2020: Futuristic Movies and Classic Wine Pairings

Top Vintage Wines to Try in 2020: Futuristic Movies and Classic Wine Pairings

It's 2020, which means we've entered a decade previously only dreamed about in  fiction (Soylent Green, anyone?).

But now that the future is here, we thought we should pay tribute to the past through the lens of vintage wine. 

Here are our picks for vintage wines that came out the same year as popular films depicting the 2020s. It might be time to host a movie night so you have an excuse to crack open a bottle.


1970s Movie and Wine Pairing



Photos courtesy Wine Searcher and Wikipedia


Year: 1973

Movie: Soylent Green

Splurge Pick from 1973: Domaine de la Romanee Conti ($1,200-$2,000)

Alternate Pick from 1973: Chateau de Marbuzet ($59)

Soylent Green depicts the year 2022 as a dystopian time where food, water, and housing are in short supply. Soylent Industries controls half the world's food supply. Their latest product: Soylent Green, a nutritious and tasty drink advertised as coming from ocean plankton. Needless to say, the company is hiding secrets. 

If you want a taste of 1973 (and not the Soylent Green kind), the Chateau de Marbuzet from the Saint-Estephe appellation of Bordeaux, France, is a fine entry point. If, however, you really want to experience what 1973 should taste like today, the Domaine de la Romanee Conti is our premium pick (if you can find it). 



1980s Movie and Wine Pairing


Photos courtesy Cellar Tracker and Wikipedia

Year: 1983

Movie: Endgame

Wine Pick from 1983: Bertani Amarone della Valpolicella ($180)

In 2025, New York City is an irradiated wasteland inhabited by mutants and scavengers, according to the plot of the Italian classic film Endgame. Meanwhile, the reality TV show Endgame keeps the masses entranced with gladiator-style fight-to-the-death matches. This balance is disrupted when Endgame fighter Ron Shannon decides to escort a group of mind-reading mutants to safety. 

Even though 1983 wasn't a great year for wine (Bordeaux wines from 1982 are actually four times more expensive than their 1983 counterparts), we still found a quality pick through Italian winemaker Bertani. The Bertaini winery, founded in 1857, consistently receives great ratings from critics for wines both vintage and new. 

And what better way to celebrate a post-apocalyptic Italian film than with an Italian wine?


1990s Movie and Wine Pairing 


Photos courtesy KL Wines and Wikipedia 


Year: 1991

Movie: Terminator 2: Judgment Day 

Wine Pick from 1991: Harlan Estate Bordeaux Blend ($850)

In James Cameron's sequel to Terminator (1984), Skynet again tries to bring forth the apocalypse, this time by sending its advanced AI machine back in time from 2029 to 1995. As with other past depictions of the 2020s, Terminator 2 warns of a dreary future. At the same time, it emphasizes the human ability to change course for the better. 

Since Terminator 2 takes place in California, we thought we'd pick a wine from the same state. Harlan Estate in Napa Valley made a particularly delicious wine that year. We can't say it much better than Robert Parker did in 1997:

"This is a profoundly great wine. It came across in a blind tasting as one of the most remarkable wines there, with most tasters mistaking it for a first-growth Medoc. The wine revealed an opaque purple color, a fabulously complex, sweet nose of minerals, fruitcake, cedar, toasty new oak, and pure blackcurrant fruit. Although huge in the mouth, the wine is remarkably well-balanced, with its high tannin level well-concealed by copious quantities of sweet ripe fruit, as well as huge amounts of glycerin and extract. I have consistently rated the 1991 Harlan Estate in the mid to upper nineties, but in this blind tasting with so many high quality wines, it was a big-time winner." 


2000s Movie and Wine Pairing


Photos courtesy Wine Searcher and Wikipedia 


Year: 2000

Movie: Mission to Mars

Wine Pick from 2000: Chateau Margaux ($1,300) 

If this year happens as Mission to Mars depicted 20 years ago, astronauts will take their first manned trip to Mars. Through the disastrous mission and subsequent rescue mission, mankind uncover the truth of Mars' experience with previous inhabitants. 

The year 2000 was special for many reasons, one of which was the wine harvest that year. That year featured record high tannin and extract levels for multiple wineries. 

"With 2000 Bordeaux wine, part of what made the vintage great is that quality wines were produced in every Bordeaux appellation and in all price categories," notes The Wine Cellar Insider. "That level of consistency in 2000 Bordeaux wine is one of the key hallmarks to a great Bordeaux wine vintage. The wines are deep, ripe, rich, concentrated, flamboyant and expressive. The tannins are ripe and round." 

We picked the Chateau Margaux for its full, deep flavor, and acclaimed ratings all around. 


What's the best vintage wine you've ever had? Let us know in the comments!

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