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 These sharpening stones are made of very good quality, and I used them to sharpen a couple of dull kitchen knives, and was able to get them razor sharp. The stones need to be wet to work on the metal properly. Highly recommended! 

Navi S.

I am a mechanic and know quality tools.  The stainless steel picks are a lot better tools than the plastic handled tools I have worked with in the past.  The lock picks are definitely high quality.

Jordan B.

Bought the cheese board for niece for her wedding.  She loved it and I got a great hug and kiss.  Totally worth it!

Anne P.

Technical Tidbits

Locksport - is it a thing?

Locksport - is it a thing?

I never knew what I was missing out on!  Lock sport is a thing... and it's fun!

Read on to see a few resources I found interesting upon dipping my toes into these uncharted waters.

Cool Sharpening Videos

Cool Sharpening Videos

Videos are a great way to learn new things. Almost everything can be found on YouTube now!

We've found a couple videos that might be helpful to watch for those just starting out with their whetstone.

Basic Sharpening Steps

Basic Sharpening Steps

Basic Steps to Sharpening are:

1. Soak the waterstone

2. Sharpen the knife or tool

3. Check for sharpness

Check out our Basic Sharpening Steps article for help on how to get started.

Entertaining Ideas

Game Time and why it Keep Us Young

Game Time and why it Keep Us Young

Board games don’t just bring us together – they remind us how to play. When I think of board games, I think of family. I grew up playing board game...
Creating a Cheese Board

Creating a Cheese Board

Create a fun cheese board! It's as easy as following your senses.

Let us help.

Other Gems

Is eating meat bad for the environment?

Is eating meat bad for the environment?

An intro to the debate on how eating meat affects the environment.
Is Saturated Fat Bad?  Is meat back on the menu?

Is Saturated Fat Bad? Is meat back on the menu?

What are you going to feed your family tonight?

The truth about saturated fat and eating red meat.  How we got to where we are.