What materials are popular for charcuterie boards, wine racks, and serveware?

What materials are popular for charcuterie boards, wine racks, and serveware?

You'll see a number of materials mentioned in the creation of our charcuterie boards, cutting boards, chopping blocks, wine racks, and cheese knives. 

But what exactly are these materials, and what makes them so special? Here is a quick rundown of their features. 


Materials Guide

Olive Wood
Stainless Steel


What is Acacia?

Acacia is an exceptionally durable wood that grows in desert and tropical climates. It's fast-growing, making it a wonderfully sustainable choice for charcuterie. It's scratch-resistant too. 

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What is Bamboo? 

When it comes to environmentally friendly serveware, you can’t get much better than bamboo. Whereas plastic is a byproduct of the hydrocarbon industry, bamboo is sustainable, biodegradable, low maintenance, and naturally anti-microbial.

So, what exactly is bamboo? It’s a grass - and the fastest growing plant on Earth. Many species of bamboo can grow nearly 3 feet per day, making it a sustainable, highly renewable material.

The way bamboo grows and its properties make it popular for all kinds of uses, from kitchen counters to frames to flooring. And, of course, bamboo is a wonderful solution for serving guests.


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What is Ceramic? 

Ceramic is one of the most popular materials used to make serving bowls. It's easy to see why. Ceramic does an excellent job of providing a clean and healthy way to consume our food. But the popularity of ceramic doesn't come without good reason. What makes it so special?

Ceramic was probably among the first materials humans used to create bowls. At that point, people were using fire, glazing agents and stone tools to shape and glaze their clay bowls. Today's ceramic bowls still have a handmade look, but they are incredibly strong and resistant to heat because they are made out of advanced materials.


What is Marble? 

Marble is a natural, durable stone that is naturally non-stick and nonporous.

Marble has been used for thousands of years to carve out beautiful statues and structures. Although there are different types of marble, most contain calcite, a form of calcium carbonate. Calcite is usually formed with the help of water. This material is viewed highly because it has been used since antiquity for creation statues, fountains and decorative items.

While not meant as a cutting surface, the stone is perfect for keeping food cool while serving guests. 

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What is Oak?

Throughout history, oak has been a popular choice for making ships, furniture, and wine barrels. There are many reasons why oak is so popular. It is notable for its hardness and quality, which is why it's a top choice in the kitchen, too. It's an exceptional material for chopping blocks and boards, since it can stand up to high levels of pressure and stress due to its high strength-to-weight ratio.

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What is Olive Wood? 

Rich in color and high in density, olive wood is bother beautiful and functional. It forms unique grain patterns that give it a distinct, organic feel. 

Here's a cool bit of trivia: Olive wood was originally found in the Mediterranean Basin, where the olive fruit is exceptionally popular and has been cultivated for about 7,000 years. It is due to the popularity of olives that the tree was brought to other parts of the world. 


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What is Pinewood?

Pine trees are evergreen trees native to Northern temperate regions (In fact, there are 49 species native to North America alone). This wood species is characterized by its light beige color and beautiful straight grain. Pine wood is a soft wood, meaning it's easily cut and shaped. Even though it's a soft wood, it's still sturdy and durable, making it a popular building material. 


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What is Resin?

Epoxy resin is a material that mimics the look of tree-based resin and can be poured and molded into nearly any shape. It's created by mixing two different chemicals: an epoxy resin and an accelerator. The accelerator speeds up the curing process, which allows you to work with the material in a shorter amount of time. 

Once mixed together, epoxy resin becomes very hard and durable; you can use it to make anything from jewelry to furniture to charcuterie boards

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What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a popular material used to make serveware, cutlery, kitchen instruments, and anything else that might be exposed to water. It's made of iron alloy that includes chromium. Manufacturers have come up with ways to prepare the metal so it remains rust-resistant and maintains its malleability. In short, stainless steel is easy to clean, resists corrosion, and provides a sterile way to serve meats and cheeses. 

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