How to Create the Perfect Fall Cheese Board

How to Create the Perfect Fall Cheese Board

Fall is the time of year for hearty foods like figs, dried fruits, nuts, and cheeses. 

Learn how to make the perfect fall cheese board with our quick tutorial, and make the most out of the autumn harvest. 

Fall cheese board tutorial with bamboo cutting board


1. Buy a Cheese Board — Or Find an Elegant Substitute 

Buy a cheese board that has plenty of room to hold your creative fall finds. This Vistal bamboo cheese board has lots of space so you can present an elegant fall meal. As an added benefit, this charcuterie board has a built-in drawer with cheese serving utensils inside. 

Tip: Cheese boards are sometimes called "Charcuterie (shar-KU-tur-ee) boards." If you want to know how to pronounce charcuterie, check out Google's pronunciation

If you don't have a cheese board, try a stylish bamboo cutting board like our two-toned bamboo cutting board. 


2. Choose a Variety of Cheeses 

Since cheese is the main centerpiece of any cheese board, you'll want to start designing your board with a variety of cheeses. Try a mixture of sharp, mild, creamy, and hard cheeses for your autumn cheese board. 

Cheeses for cheese board

We picked a camembert soft-ripened cheese from Mt. Townsend Creamery, a truffle-infused goat milk cheese from Cypress Grove, and 16-month aged gouda from our local Haggen.  

Gouda, brie, cheddar, and wine cheeses are all filling options for fall charcuterie. 

Cutting gouda for cheese board with fruits and jam in foreground

There's no need to cut all of the cheeses yet. Choose one to feature, and enjoy the eye catching organic look of having a whole wedge on your board. The rest you can prepare ahead of time.  

Tip: How many cheeses should you use? As a general rule, stick with odd numbers: Three, five, or seven. 

3. Add Savory, Salty Nuts 

Fall is the perfect time to embrace festive, hearty foods that store well, like roasted walnuts and pecans. Use the grooved sides of your fall cheese board to hold smaller finger foods. 

Nuts and cheeses on bamboo cheese board from Vistal

Does your fall cheese board seem a little too salty? Don't worry. The sweets are coming next. 

4. Add Fruit, Fresh and Dried

Once you've added all of your savory proteins, you're ready to bring in a little sweetness. Fresh sliced apple and pear are an autumn cheese board staple. Dried apricot and fig also taste scrumptious with cheese. 

Apples being sliced on a cutting board

Tip: Don't be afraid to create overlap on your cheese board - the layered, full effect will convey abundance, which is what autumn gatherings are all about. 

Cheese board with berries, nuts, and fruits

Again, the grooved edges on the sides of your cheese board are perfect for holding smaller foods like nuts and berries. 

5. Add Seasonal Fruit Spreads 

For a sweet flavor that pairs well with your softer cheeses, we suggest making pumpkin butter, fig spread, or cranberry jam. 

Cheese board with fig jam

We decided on Bonne Mamam fig preserves and found a creative cornucopia shaped glass to serve it in. 

6. Slice Bread and Add it to Your Board

You'll need a platform to enjoy the harvest — may we suggest French baguette? This bread was sourced from local favorite Avenue Bakery

Baguette slices on a two-tone bamboo cutting board

Slice the bread on a cutting board and then use it to fill out any empty spaces on the sides of your cheese board. 

Fall Cheese Board Sweet and Savory Mix on Bamboo Cheese Board

Add some decorative elements, like rosemary or a few blackberries. Your cheese board is now complete. 

7. Don't Forget the Wine!

Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Rioja are a few choices that will pair well with your meal. Or try a Prosecco or Rosé.

Tip: Always store your wine horizontally. We use our stackable wine rack to help keep our favorite wines tasting their best. 

8. Enjoy Your Fall Cheese Board

Pour the wine, bring out the cheese knives, and enjoy the season's bounty with your guests. 

Wine with cheese board

 Tip: If it's a nice autumn afternoon, bring your cheese board outdoors. 

Bamboo Cheese Board for Fall with Wine


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