How to Make a Movie Night Cheese Board

How to Make a Movie Night Cheese Board

Cheese boards don't have to be complicated; in fact, this movie night snack board takes just 5 minutes max. 

The only difference between a movie board and any other board is perhaps the emphasis on crunchy crackers and addition of sweets. 

Buy a Cheese Board

Buy a cheese board that is appropriate for the number of people at your movie night. 

You'll want a board about 10-12 inches long for two people, or 17-20 inches for four people. 

We went with our irregular shaped olive wood board



Pre-Cut Your Harder Cheese

For a movie night cheese board, finger foods will be easiest to serve. While you may still have a soft cheese spread, you'll also want to make sure the harder cheeses are pre-cut (we don't want any accidents in the dark). 

So cut the harder cheeses into squares or slices.


Add Salty Crackers

Move night snacks are often centered around a sweet-and-salty, soft and crunchy contrast. Since we'll be adding some softer sweets to this board, be sure to include lots of crunchy, saltier crackers. Peanuts (and even popcorn) also work well here. 

Add Easy to Serve Sweets

Think small chocolates, chocolate-covered raisins, and other soft, bite-sized sweets. These will pair well with the saltier, crunchier foods.

For our board, we added some jam as well to pair with our soft goat cheese. Both are easy to spread. 

And there you have it! A quick move night board that offers variety and a break from the usual popcorn. 

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