How to make a salami rose for charcuterie boards

How to make a salami rose for charcuterie boards

A rose made of salami is an impressive addition to any charcuterie board. Although they may look complicated, salami roses are actually surprisingly simple to create. 

Here is a quick tutorial for how to make your first edible flower. 

You will need:

  • A glass matching the size of the rose you wish to create. We used a wine glass to create a large rose. 
  • Flexible, thinly sliced salami like Genoa, Sopressata, pepperoni, chorizo, and/or peppered salami. 
  • A charcuterie board to place the rose on.  

Step 1


Fold one slice of meat in half over the edge of the glass to create your first petal. 

Step 2

Line up a second slice of meat at the centerpoint of the first petal and overlap this piece over the edge of the glass to make your second petal. 

Step 3 

Repeat until you have 5 or 6 overlapping petals or until the edge of the glass is no longer visible. 

Step 4 

It's time to create your second row of petals. 

Position a new piece of salami between two petals, folding it over the edge of the glass.

Step 5

Repeat until your second layer of petals is complete.

Step 6

Add a couple more petals for the final row, and you're finished with the layers.

Step 7 

Covering the meat with the palm of your hand firm against the glass, flip the glass upside down and place the glass on your charcuterie board. 

Step 8

Lift the glass to reveal your rose! 

Don't worry if it takes a few tries to create your first salami rose. We found some meats tend to fold and stick better than others, and so the solution may be as simple as trying a new brand or size of salami. 



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