About Vistal



Welcome to Vistal.

Vistal started as two engineers seeking the inclusion of both nutrition and taste when planning our family’s weeknight meals. It has grown to encompass our passions for minimalism, nature, finding solutions, sharing new ideas discovered during our travels, and giving back.

In our home, our kitchen is the center of everything. Where we socialize and entertain guests, our cookware and food preparation tools are an essential part of family meals that value healthy and local ingredients.

We were inspired to start Vistal during one of our trips to Arusha, Tanzania, where we taught boys and teenagers how to make guitars out of locally harvested wood. These skills have helped the local community create jobs while supporting the health of the land.

Our products are designed and tested in-house, in the U.S.A., by engineers Diana and Gerald (hello)!

Each of these simple, space-saving solutions is made using natural materials and 100% food safe materials. Bringing wood and bamboo into the home brings the natural world into our modern technical life. It is one of the few truly renewable resources available to us.

The opportunity to provide our families with wellness, attainable luxurious solutions, and connect with the natural goodness all around us is something we want to bring into everyone’s home - to make the extraordinary achievable.


Our Passions

  • Superior quality within reach
  • All-natural with taste
  • Enjoyment in every moment

We Value

  • Sustainability 
  • Minimalist solutions
  • Bringing nature indoors
  • Luxury on a budget
  • Social good

 We hope our products bring your family the same joy they've provided ours.  




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