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Marble and Acacia Charcuterie Board Set with Cheese Knives

Marble and Acacia Charcuterie Board Set with Cheese Knives

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This rectangular acacia and marble charcuterie board set includes everything you need to serve guests in style. 

Includes a set of three stainless steel cheese knives tucked into a drawer. 

Size: 15" x 8" (38.1 cm x 20.3 cm) 

Knives included:


Pronged Soft Cheese Knife

This unique cheese knife can be used for both serving and slicing. The sharp edge of the blade and holes make it easy to slice through soft cheese like fresh mozzarella, camembert, or brie. The pronged end makes it easy to pick up and serve semi-soft or hard cheeses. 

Plane Knife

This knife features a soft edge on one side and a soft edge on the other. It's perfect for cutting semi-firm cheese like cheddar gouda, or pepperjack. 

Cleaver Cheese Knife

Designed especially for cutting hard cheeses, the cleaver cheese knife protects your knuckles from hitting the cheese board as you slice through your asiago, gruyere, or manchego. 

What is Acacia? 

Acacia is an exceptionally durable wood that grows in desert and tropical climates. It's fast-growing, making it a wonderfully sustainable choice for charcuterie. It's scratch-resistant too. 

What is Marble? 

Marble is a natural, durable stone that is naturally non-stick and nonporous. While not meant as a cutting surface, the stone is perfect for keeping food cool while serving guests. 


Stainless Steel



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